Lodge Building


The Accacia Lodge hall was built in 1866 as the home of First Congregational Church. The building is listed in the Cottage Grove Register of Historic Sites and Landmarks as an important example of the Greek Revival style of architecture in Minnesota. The city's Historic Preservation Division notes that the hall was built "in the style of New England meeting houses" and "reflects the development of the Old Cottage Grove community and provides a physical record of the experience of the village's Yankee pioneers."


During the middle 1800's, the Greek Revival Style was popular in the Eastern United States and was carried into the Minnesota frontier by settlers when establishing the village. Thus, the builders worked to make the small wooden structures look like the Greek temples. In the book Perspectives in Cottage Grove History, No. 1: The History Houses of Cottage Grove - A Field Guild, author Robert C. Vogel points out that the building's architecture contains "the quintessentially Greek Revival double doors, the pilasters with Doric bases and capitals, and the simple architrave."